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PagineBianche_pic  PagineBianche collect the phone numbers of subscribers of all telecom operators who have given consent to the publication.
 PagineBianche represent a fundamental reference for millions of consultatori: a safe and reliable way to find the contacts of companies, individuals and institutions working in the local market.
The volumes of PagineBianche cellophane-wrapped distributed in 2013 to all households and businesses in Italy (target BtoB and BtoC) amounted to 21.8 million copies in 113 editions.
The PagineBianche are an indispensable tool to introduce your company and improve the availability: it is possible to provide information about their contact details, describe in more detail its activities and services. You can choose between their advert advertising a new range of more modern, designed to provide superior visibility, allowing you to personalize your space with distinctive graphic elements.

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Users: it is used by people of all ages and social status to find and complete contact information and/or details on businesses or individuals already known.
Advertisers: Businesses and Public Administration entities, providing users with contact information (including e-mail and web site addresses), details on business activity (useful information: opening hours, opening days, etc.) and products/services, in order to be contacted or called back and to convey (through logo and graphics) an image of prestige.
An entry in the PagineBianche directory automatically means an entry in the website, meeting today’s evolving and growing consulting needs.


Organised, reliable, complete, familiar.

Usage statistics

Service description

Circulation: 21,8 million volumes
Editions: 113 editions
Distribution: delivered throughout the year to all households and businesses in Italy. For more details visit the following website
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