In brief website is ideal for moving, consulting maps, creating routes and travel routes.
It integrates photographs of the area, 3D and street level views of Italian beauties (cities of art, beaches, mountains), driving directions, Ecopass and restricted traffic areas, weather, art exhibits, shopping and local information.

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The service is designed especially for the general public and professional users.


  • 1.210.693 km2 (Italian ed European cartography)
  • 250.000 km2 aerial photography (Italy)
  • 240 surfable places walking 360 degrees
  • 3D height reconstruction and reconstruction of the city buildings (Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin, Mantua)
  • Detailed map zoom (including civic numbers for capitals)
  • Calculation of vehicle and pedestrian paths
  • Highways
  • Search for restaurants, hotels, shops and services
  • Informations about exhibits
  • Weather forecast


  • 3D technology on all the routes and places in Italy
  • Route technology (you can travel on a virtual car)
  • Weather integrated on the 3D view
  • Street view of 240 cities and e historic-turistic interest places (beaches, old towns, parcs, mountains paths, ski runs...)
  • Weather forecast on maps

Usage statistics

Over two million Internet users access it monthly.

Service description

With ® you can view locations, create routes and move through the streets of Italy, choosing between different points of observation. 
The landscape can be explored through different views. You can virtually walk the streets of 240 Italian locations of historical and turistic interest, following subjective photo-routes; with the aerial view, you see all the Italian territory through the orthophotos made exclusively by E-Geos for Seat PG. Aerial photos, perfectly superimposed on maps, rebuilt in spectacular cities and landscapes. Thanks to the advanced representative system, the visual research can precisely identify every single civic number, whether squares or monuments, shops and corporate headquarters ® also support 3D "bird fly" navigation, which provides a vantage point of view from above, and allows you to see at a glance the landscape as a whole, then choose "to glide" in the place that most interests. Furthermore, changing the proportion of the point of browsing, you can go into the historic streets, discovering old and new buildings and virtually walk to city centers or mountain paths of Italy.

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