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Launched in June 2006 to replace the traditional geographical search function of, VISUAL, the only website of its kind in Italy, is a powerful multimedia tool for georeferenced searches across Italy. Thanks to the partnership with Telespazio, Seat PagineGialle is creating a spectacular reconstruction of Italy's capital cities with high definition aerial photographs.
The second generation of has arrived, developed on the principles of visual and emotional search.

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Visual is directed to the general public and professional users.


  • Physical maps and street maps of Italy, coverage with maps of Europe.
  • Perpendicular aerial photographs of the territory that can be superimposed on the street maps.
  • Visual routes at 360°, 2000 kilometres of streets to take virtually, through the use of 3D images.
  • Altimetric reconstructions of the territory, navigable with a 3D flight simulator.
  • SEAT Pagine Gialle databases and advanced search engine development technology
  • Digital videos dedicated to businesses to consult and search using web TV. Soon, the website will also feature virtual advertising billboards.
  • Weather forecasts andinformation on Traffic in real time, with weather coverage of European countries.
  • Online reservations services of hotels and events, a tool to search and find real estate classifieds

Usage statistics

2.6 million users visit per month

Service description

On PagineGialleVisual, users can find businesses and individuals in specific areas, locate a hotel or resort or take a street to plan a shopping spree, creating opportunities for exciting searches.
The editorial contents on PagineGialle Visual are completed by information on: real estate classifieds, events, shows, productions, topics of public interest, with the opportunity to make reservations online. The results are georeferenced for the entire Italian territory, on satellite photographs and spectacular orthophoto maps, i.e. perpendicular aerial photographs of the territory, at high definition for the capital cities. PagineGialle Visual aims at covering the entire Italian territory with its aerial maps.
The results of the search on the territory are displayed through various new means: 2D bird's eye view, visual routes (photographic routes at street level), 3D (three-dimensional view with flight simulator and real-time reconstructions of key landmarks). Further to an agreement with CNR, Pagine Gialle Visual will make it possible to virtually enter the historic reconstruction of the landmark areas of Rome, from the Imperial Fora to the Via Appia and Via Flaminia.
Visual’s objective is to make the browsing experience even more rewarding, through accuracy rendition of the photographic reality of the territory. Consistent with this objective, businesses have the opportunity to use new spaces of visibility: for Seat customers, PagineGialleVisual represents a completely new way to present their businesses, thanks to the new advertising formats which include digital videoclips dedicated to businesses, virtual billboards, and different kinds of map markings. Advertising strategies span the range of virtual information sheets, videographic films, interviews with the business owner and a complete catalogue of video products.
VideoVisual, audio-visual contents on Italian businesses, lay emphasis on informational communications and meet the needs of users who seek information in a new and modern way.
With PagineGialle Visual, users can fly over Italy, take a virtual stroll through city streets, find their way on new routes and create itineraries, admire landmarks, buildings and shop windows, obtain information, travel and have fun.
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