In brief is the largest point of reference on the internet for all those who buy or sell products and services.

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Market Internet users, both consumer and Business. Small and medium-sized Italian companies with business in local market and nationally.


Strengths for consumers:

• Information on more than 3.8 million businesses, shops and businesses;
• Search fast and reliable
• Further thematic and instruments of contact;
• Maps and routes, virtual tours and video recordings., for advertisers:

• Simplified planning advertising and distribution across various portals and search engines (The service is open only to customers ®).
• Design and construction of sites "online now" and "tailor made" for the most demanding customers.
• Videos and Virtual Tours for complete listings, characterize and make a strong impact.
• expert advice, technical assistance and professionalism.



Usage statistics of the site consultations are always growing (2008 data):

• 102 million visits
• 180 million searches

Service description is useful for orientation and information-rich research only through the advertisements of a commercial nature. On ® are more than 3 million Italian companies operating in local and national market, from large enterprise to the small trader or merchant. The consultation is not subject to registration and is free.

Why become a client advertiser?
Being online ® becomes a prerequisite for promoting their business on the web and increase the opportunities for business growth. It also means identifying the target audience and get in touch with new and potential customers. ® ensures maximum transparency: all data on research and consultations on the advertisement advertising are monitored and certified by ShinyStat. ® can offer a favorable economic conditions also advice and support to meet any business needs: personalized web sites, online advertising campaigns, search engine positioning and many other commercial services.

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