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It is the most popular Italian website for finding phone numbers and addresses of individuals, businesses and public institutions. provides constantly up-to-date information, in compliance with the provisions and regulations in force on Universal Service.

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Users: private citizens and enterprises.
Advertisers: businesses and the Public Administration.

Usage statistics

With constantly increasing use, in 2006 recorded 12 million unique users and over 183 million hits (source: Internal SEAT processing of REDSHERIFF-SiteCensus Nielsen data).

Service description users can quickly and easily find people, businesses and institutions across Italy. Complete information include: addresses, telephone and fax numbers, toll-free numbers, e-mail addresses, links to websites.
Available search options, in addition to searches by name and location, include:
  • Search for businesses or organisations by telephone number
  • Search for postcode and local dialling code
  • Search for toll-free numbers of companies and institutions
  • Useful and practical section containing emergency numbers and special services numbers.
Moreover, the site is enhanced by two sections dedicated to statistics and curiosities related to Italian last names: “Contacognomi” (Last name count) and “Facciamo nomi e cognomi” (Let’s name names).
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