In brief is a specialized portal offering a complete range of business & credit information services.  Through one website it's possible to access, in a fast, simple and integrated way, several data banks and to enter various services thanks to the sinergies with the most prestigious partners in the Business Information field.
Lineaffari is a necessary tool for companies interested in knowing, analyzing and verifying the reliability of potential partners (suppliers, customers, prospects).

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Lineaffari services match all the needs of  "business to business" contacts and informations,  by companies' and professionals', among which, above all:
  • Manufacturers of goods and services (as a guarantee for their supplies)
  • Finance companies (factoring, debts recovery)
  • Professionals (lawyers, accountants, notaries)


  • Authoritative and official sources (Infocamere, public registries and the courts)
  • Official data banks and always up-to-date unofficial informations
  • One integrated portal
  • Extreme simplicity of using
  • Wide range of services for every need, a lot of informations in a simple click, about companies and individuals, in Italy and abroad
  • Clearness in charges thanks to the on line statement of  account.

Service description

Lineaffari offers in one-stop-shop, in real or deferred time, the access to various services:

  • Chamber of Commerce Informations (company survey, shareholders, holdings, official acts)
  • Negative events (protest, bankruptcy proceedings, prejudicial from court and from public registries)  
  • Financial statements 
  • Integrated official information (Profili impresa e Persona)
  • Commercial Information Italy (thanks to 3 prestigious partners such as Honyvem, Lince Cerved Group, CRIBIS D&B)
  • Abroad Commercial Information (by Creditreform)
  • Real estate (estate and cadastral survey)
  • Direct Marketing Services 
  • Collections management service and debt recovery

All services are avaible by subscription.

Lineaffari is a business service by Consodata.

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Toll-free number: 800.622.445 (from Italy only)


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