In brief is the global B2B platform present in 66 countries and available in 26 languages. It is used by companies to search for qualified suppliers and promote themselves on the world scene. A database with 3.000.000 entries for companies, 1 million brands, 4.6 millions of manager names and over 57.000 product keywords. 

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Used by managers from around the world to find new suppliers and send RFQs (Requests for Quotation).
It is the most complete system to give international visibility to your business.
Use is free of charge for the basic features or fee-based for the advanced search functions and more comprehensive and detailed company sheets.
Statistics show that users are distributed into the following categories:

  • Purchasing, Technical, Research areas: 39%
  • Sales, Marketing, Export areas: 38% 
  • General management, Finance, Administration, HR areas: 23%


  • International, preeminent and reliable network
  • Wide range of the information
  • Constant database updates
  • Automatic translation of the business classification into 26 languages make it an ideal tool for doing business around the world.

Usage statistics

2010 figures:

  • Visits: 30.171.294
  • Number of pageviews: 161.382.482
  • Visitors: 25.646.695

Countries with the highest number of pageviews are France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and to a lesser degree the other countries of the network.

Service description

The Kompass system stands out for:

  1. Specialisation and extensive information

    The company sheets (the database) are its primary assets:
    • 3 million companies that are industry leaders in 60 countries, more than 250.000 Italian companies;
    • 4.6 million names of managers, purchasing officers and key company people; 
    • 1 milion brand names and product names;
    • business data, key figures (staff size, turnover, share capital) and, for some countries, financial data (financial statement data and highlights);
    • complete contact info;
    • detailed information on the business offer, for example, with company videos and online catalogues.   
  2. Selectivity
    It is a hierarchical branched system organised on three levels with:
    • 71 sectors (identified with a code of two number)
    • 1.800 categories (identified with a code of five number)
    • 57.000 product codes  (identified with a code of seven number)
  3. Services
    • TVK is the service that allows direct access and targeted to public procurement contracts in Europe, guarantees immediate email alert to all contracts for the categories of interestThe RFQ service allows users to optimise contacts with potential suppliers in a few simple steps.
    • RFQ is the service for anyone involved in the company by enabling it to carry out purchases quickly and effectively the process of scouting for suppliers through a few simple steps.
  4. Internationalization
    The 26 languages of the System, including Russian, Chinese and recently also in Arabic, ensuring maximum accessibility for all users located anywhere in the world. is a business services by Consodata.

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