Alberghi & Locali

In brief

A direct marketing site  that allows to contact the target of public places, restaurants and accommodation in general.
The web site offer information and exclusive selection parameters for more than 50,000 turist and work accommodations and 130,000 restaurants, bars and cafés.

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Sales and marketing managers who need to conduct market analyses and studies, or who want to create successful Direct Marketing campaigns.


  •  Possibility to create online lists of potential customers in the accommodation and catering market
  • 30 cross-referenced search parameters to specifically define the target for direct marketing  and telemarketing actions
  • All selected lists can be displayed at any time and printed off in pdf format
  • Unique codes enable data to be cross-referenced against external files
  • Generate customised statistics
  • Data can be exported in various formats

Service description

  • Turist and work accomodations: 55.042
  • Turist and work accomodations with website: 36.195
  • Turist and work accomodations with email address: 39.867
  • Bars and entertainment: 154.728

All services are avaible by subscription.

Alberghi & Locali is a business services by Consodata.

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Toll-free number: 800.36.11.14 (from Italy only)
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