SEAT ConVoiWhen competition grows more and more aggressive, a solid marketing initiative or an effective communications campaign can make the difference for any business. Marketing and communications are fundamental mechanisms for the growth of your business. The best businesses and unsurpassed products have had and continue to reap success because they have learned how to develop and maintain appropriate marketing and communications strategies. This is the case of many small and medium sized companies that find they have to use limited resources and investments and have learned how to pursue success thanks to their ability to define and achieve specific strategies, which are the result of a consistent commitment to research and experimentation into innovative marketing and communications solutions. 
What are the skills and methods necessary to take full advantage of growth opportunities, the most effective way to reach your clients, expand your target market and identify the most appropriate solution among many? These and other questions are answered by Seat Pagine Gialle. The solution is SEAT ConVoi, a magazine online dedicated to entrepreneurs and businesspeople. SEAT ConVoi is a practical guide, accomplished with the contribution of experts of marketing and communications and the Seat Corporate University team.

Last Update: Tue 16 Feb 2010 | 10:59 AM