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892424 Pronto PagineGialle back on TV with Bisio, Muccino and SaffirioTortelliVigoriti


One of the longest and best-loved advertising sagas of the past few years is now back on our screens, featuring Claudio Bisio as spokesperson for 892424 Pronto PagineGialle, the well-known and useful service from SEAT Pagine Gialle.

The new campaign, which like its forerunners has been created by SaffirioTortelliVigoriti, also marks Gabriele Muccino’s return to his role as director, fresh from the experience of his first American film, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, which is receiving considerable acclaim in Italy and the USA.

In the new campaign, Bisio will once again appear as Walter, the historic star of all the commercials. This time, however, he will almost always be surrounded by friends who rely on him to sort out a whole host of problems: such as booking a hotel as close as possible to the beach, finding a film that will keep everyone happy, or a pizzeria that can satisfy the appetites of an entire rugby team. Now a user rather than an expert on the service, Walter is ready to show other people that with 892424 “it’s easier to do what you want”, as the new claim goes. Bisio’s traditional comic flair, set off by the presence of his friends, is never lost for a moment.

The production (by Indiana Production) is fairly substantial. Three 30” ads were produced as well as six 15” ones. They will be broadcast on all Italian networks from 25 February.
Copywriter Mara Mincolelli and art director Maddalena Giavarini worked on the project for SaffirioTortelliVigoriti, under the creative direction of Aurelio Tortelli.
The team from SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A included Francesco Riccadonna, Advertising Director, Chiara Magnabosco, Senior Advertising Specialist for Directory Assistance, Paolo Portioli, 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle Marketing Director and 89.24.24 Product Manager Ida Tabasso.

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89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle
Credits – 2007 Campaign

Client:         SEAT PagineGialle
Product:        Pronto PagineGialle 89.24.24
Agency:        SaffirioTortelliVigoriti
Creative director:       Aurelio Tortelli
Copywriter:        Mara Mincolelli
Art director:        Maddalena Giavarini
Production house:       Indiana
Film director:        Gabriele Muccino
Director of photography:      Fabio Zamarion
Assistant director:       Francesco Vedovati
Executive producer:       Fabrizio Donvito
Producer:        Isabella Spadacini
Ass. Producer:       Alexandra Re
Set design:        Eugenia Di Napoli
Costume design:       Gemma Mascagni

SEAT Pagine Gialle Advertising Director     Francesco Riccadonna
Senior Advertising Specialist for D.A.    Chiara Magnabosco
89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle Marketing Director   Paolo Portioli
89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle Product Director   Ida Tabasso

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