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Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting: filing of documentation

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Press Release pursuant to Consob Notice No. DME/9081707 - AUDITING FIRM’S REPORTS

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The Glamoo Owl flies with Ryanair across by December 15 to January 31, 2012

Seat PG supports the Mobile Marketing & Service Center Research 2010 of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano

Seat PG Profile

Seat PG Italia is a full-service business partner which offers businesses 360-degree support for promoting their activity on the Web, through a nationwide network of 74 agencies (Seat Media Agency) and over 1,300 agents in Italy. Seat PG Italia’s Web marketing services range from website and mobile site construction and management to the creation of multimedia content, from activities regarding Web visibility to e-commerce and Web marketing services, from managing social network presence to couponing. These tools sit alongside “ traditional” print and voice tools. 
Seat PG Italia also offers consumers an ecosystem consisting of multimedia, mobile and print tools which make it easy to find businesses, institutions, people and services even when on the move. 
Seat PG Italia’s figures (2012 data): about 2 billion searches on its media, a customer base of about 400,000 SMEs, a database listing 12.5 million households and over 3 million businesses; a total of 44 million volumes (PagineGialle, PagineBianche, TuttoCittà), over 14 million calls (to the directory assistance services 892424 PPG and 12.40 PPB) and about 460 million hits from the Web and mobiles, and on advertisers’ online and mobile sites (  ,  , ).

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Annual financial statements at December 31, 2013

Interim report as at September 30, 2013

First Half Report as at June 30, 2013

Interim Report as at March 31, 2013

Annual Financial statement as at December 31, 2012

Interim report as at September 30, 2012

First Half report as at June 30, 2012

First Quarter Report as at march 31, 2012

Projected - Consolidated and separate financial statements as at December 31, 2011

Interim report as at September 30, 2011

First Half Report as at June 30, 2011

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