Independent Auditors

Statement of fees paid to the Independent Auditors and related entities

Pursuant to Article 149-duodecies of Consob’s Issuers’ Regulation (Resolution No. 11971/1999 as subsequently amended), the fees for 2013 for auditing and other services carried out for SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. by PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A. and related entities are shown below.
The 2013 separate financial statements of SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A. on the basis of the mandate awarded by the Shareholders’ Meeting on June 12, 2012 for 2012-2020, in compliance with the Consolidated Finance Act (Legislative Decree No. 58 of February 24, 1998).
The fee for auditing the 2013 separate financial statements and verifying that the accounts were kept correctly and that the accounting entries accurately reflect operations was €35 thousand, while the fee for the consolidated financial statements was €16 thousand. The overall fee for the limited audit of the SEAT Pagine Gialle 2013 consolidated half-year report was €24 thousand.
No additional assignments were given to PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A. and related entities.

Appointment of statutory audit

It should be noted that the Assembly of June 12, 2012 has appointed PricewaterhouseCoopes SpA, as the independent auditors of SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. for the years 2012-2020 inclusive.

Last Update: Thu 05 Sep 2013 | 02:46 PM