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  SEAT PG - The Local Internet Company

Seat PG Italia is the local internet company offering businesses 360-degree support for promoting their activity on the Web, through a nationwide network of agencies (WebPoints). Seat PG's Web marketing services range from website and mobile site construction and management to the creation of multimedia content, from activities regarding Web visibility to e-commerce and Web marketing services, from managing social network presence to couponing. These tools sit alongside "traditional" print and voice tools.

Seat PG also offers consumers an ecosystem consisting of multimedia, mobile and print tools which make it easy to find businesses, institutions, people and services even when on the move.

Seat PG's figures (2011 data): about 2 billion searches on its media, a sales network employing over 1,800 persons, over 400,000 customers, a database listing 12.5 million households and over 3 million businesses; a total of 44 million volumes (PagineGialle, PagineBianche, Tuttocittà), about 20 million calls (to the directory assistance services 892424 PPG and 12.40 PPB) and about 400 million hits from the Web and mobiles and on advertisers' online and mobile sites (www.paginegialle.it, www.paginebianche.it, www.tuttocitta.it).



Send your CV to:   recruiting.recruiting@seat.it

Last Update: Tue 30 Oct 2012 | 10:46 AM