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From 1990 on

1999 Pagine GialleAs new PagineGialle Turismo and PagineGialle Giovani products were being conceived, SEAT also continued to innovate its tried-and-true product offer and graphics: first, with the launch of the new PagineGialle that would be printed in the four-colour, four-column version starting with the Naples edition in 96/97 and then with the restyling of TuttoCittà and the Alphabetical Directory. Colour was soon added to the Alphabetical edition: blue lent emphasis to the advertising and information placed on top of page and soon began to appear on the covers of the new graphic layout.
Another significant push to the sales and marketing action of SEAT came in the form of PagineGialle online, developed in 1998 with Saritel and that could be consulted over the Internet, which would be followed by PagineBianche Online after the end of 1999.
In 1999, in light of the successful tests conducted in the Rome and Lazio areas, the Pronto PagineGialle service was extended to the entire national territory.
SEAT conceived the 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle number to offer users a personalised solution to their searches, even from outside the home. On its debut, the service was structured as "PagineGialle on the phone" and offered "category" solutions 24/7, 365 days a year. However, the service quickly evolved and developed with the addition of specialised services such as train and plane schedules, open pharmacies and more, to become an authentic "assisted voice portal".
PagineGialle was no longer only a product, but a multimedia set of services.
In 1999, SEAT changed its company name by incorporating the name of its leading product. The new company logo began to appear on the cover page of PagineGialle. The parent company of SEAT, Otto, changed its name to SEAT PagineGialle S.p.A. while also retaining the abbreviated name, SEAT S.p.A.
The most significant event in 2000 was the merger between SEAT and Tin.it. More changes in the SEAT company make up took place in 2003, the year when the new SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. was formed concurrent with the exit from former SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. of the business complex comprised of the "directories", "directory assistance" and "business information" business areas, which would be channelled into a new SEAT PagineGialle.
The spin off resulted in Telecom Italia Media, which was made up of Tin.it, Virgilio, La7, MTV Italia, the Gruppo Buffetti and, starting from October, the APCom press agency. On 23 December 2003, the new SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. was merged by incorporation into Silver S.p.A. and in turn, the company resulting from that merger was incorporated into Spyglass S.p.A. After executing the transaction, the brand new company took on the name SEAT Pagine Gialle S.p.A. These merger transactions did not substantially affect the revenue and costs of the company; the consolidation area was marginally smaller due to the exit of the French Consodata Group, Consodata Germany GmbH and sale of the American company, NetCreations Inc.

892424 Since the early months of 2000, the 89.24.24 Pronto PagineGialle service was extended across the country. This was coupled in the fall of 2005 with 12.40 Pronto PagineBianche which catered to a general user base. 12.40
SEAT became more and more interested in reaching local communities: in 2005, it launched Inzona, a new product dedicated and conceived especially for families, retailers, small craftsmen, and businesses located in various city districts; Inzona was more than a guide to services and purchases, it was also a guide for living and discovering their neighbourhood.  PagineGialle Visual This directory was followed by InVacanza, a guide for planning holidays, distributed initially in eighteen main Italian tourist areas. Complementing the range of products for tourism was the launch of two new Kompass products: the Annuario degli Alberghi d'Italia and the website www.alberghieturismo.com

PagineGialle NAV In 2006, through PagineGialle Visual SEAT gave users the opportunity to make virtual searches on the territory and stroll along the city streets, while with PagineGialle NAV  SEAT does not stop at meeting the search needs of users, but also offers to guide them where their needs can be met. In February 2007, SEAT launched its new portal, www.annunci.it the virtual window for buying and selling automobiles, homes and classified ads for any number of items, from collector's items to leisure.

PagineBianche and PagineGialle

Finally, the company began the construction of the new SEAT headquarters, which was also fitted with an advanced research centre in the Internet evolution, which is scheduled for completion in 2008 in the "Spina 3" area of Turin.

Seat New Headquarters

Main facts

• End of 1996
Seat is spun off from STET and becomes an independent Company once again

• January 1997
Seat is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange

• November 1997
Acquisition of Seat by a concert party made up of private entrepreneurs (Ottobi), including Telecom Italia, Comit, De Agostini and Investitori Associati

• November 1997
The new Board of Directors headed by Lorenzo Pellicioli takes office

• 1998
Seat S.p.A. is merged in Ottobi and becomes Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.A.

• September 1999
Seat and De Agostini acquire the controlling stake in Matrix and start operating in the Internet business

• August 2000
Seat acquires a stake in Telemontecarlo

• November 2000
Following the Tin.it transaction, Seat Pagine Gialle joins the Telecom Group

• May 2001
The new Board of Directors appointed by the majority stakeholder takes office and Lorenzo Pellicioli is appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

• July 2001
Paolo Dal Pino is the new Chief Executive Officer of Seat PG S.p.A.

• December 2001
Enrico Bondi is appointed Chairman of Seat PG S.p.A.

• September 2002
The Board of Directors of Seat Pagine Gialle co-opts Riccardo Perissich as Chairman to replace Enrico Bondi

• 1 August 2003
THE NEW SEAT PG IS ESTABLISHED – On that date, the partial proportional spin-off deed was filed with the Milan Register of Companies whereby Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.A. (as of then “ Telecom Italia Media S.p.A.”) transferred the directories activities of the company (telephone directories, directory assistance and business information) to a newly-established Spun-off Company that takes on the name Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.A.

• 8 August 2003
Silver S.p.A. acquires the controlling stake in the new Seat Pagine Gialle S.p.A.
Enrico Giliberti becomes Chairman of the Company and Luca Majocchi is appointed as Chief Executive Officer

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