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Turin, il 30 marzo 2012 ore 11:30

In thanking one and all for the many condolence messages received, the Cappellini family would like to announce that it was Alberto's wish for all those intending to express their sympathies to do so not through flowers or wreaths, but by making a donation to Associazione Amici del "Centro Dino Ferrari" via:

  • direct bank remittance to the bank account no. IBAN IT 06 E 03069 09527 000007396167 held with Intesa Sanpaolo - Branch 01898 - via Larga, 31 - 20122 Milan
  • deposit in the post office account no. 12297206

both held in the name of the Associazione Amici del "Centro Dino Ferrari" - Via F. Sforza, 35 - 20122 Milan.

It is important to specify that the donation is made IN MEMORY OF ENGINEER ALBERTO CAPPELLINI – FOR THE MITOFUSINA 2 PROJECT.

Many thanks